I received a phone call on around 11 o'clock on the morning of December 3rd, 2002 confirming the lab I'd had done earlier that day - after a very long, difficult and tear-filled struggle with endometriosis, P.C.O.S., years of charting and two early miscarriages: we were pregnant. Months of false hope led us to ignore obvious symptoms, and I only ended up visiting my doctor when I began showing and suspected something was wrong.
He suggested making an appointment with Maggie the Midwife, who would become one of the most wonderful friends we could ever have the chance to meet.


[ Belly Photos ]
I started taking photos the day of the positive lab result. There aren't many pictures from my first trimester, as the only digital imaging device I had was an IBM PC Cam and it was rare I took a photo that was clear enough to see anything. Most pictures range from 17 to 39 weeks. I stopped taking pictures two weeks prior to giving birth, something I regret now, because I didn't feel like documenting any further growth. I was already almost as big around as I am tall.

[ Belly Cast ]
Instructions on how to create your own belly cast, and pictures of my own.

[ Portraits ]
We invited our wedding photographer back during my 7th month of pregnancy to take some maternity portraits. Be be advised they are semi-nudes. There are two pages, and you must email me to receive access to the second.