Occasionally, I write essays on aspects of natural family living. While originally for my own reference, they evolved into a way to help others learn and appreciate this lifestyle and realize how important some of these choices are; many of them are overlooked as "too much work" or "too crunchy". But, sometimes the alternatives aren't as safe as we've believe them to be. Just because something is "common knowledge" or often done doesn't always make it right, or healthy.
So far, the feedback I've received has been very positive and I was flattered to find a few of these essays widely distributed in forums and communities I'd never visited before. It's been suggested to me on many occasions that I should make them available on a website for others to view, and so here they are.


Shampoo Free: Healthy hair, naturally.
[December 2004]

Don't/Do Drugs
[May 2004]

Infant Sign Language
[September 2004]

Why Cloth?
[October 2004]

VBAC and Scar Integrity
[March 2006]